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Systems Types

Vacuum lifting systems to meet your needs

Vacuum lifting systems are designed to lift objects in the range of 20kgs to 270kgs. The surface doesn’t need to be perfect for a good vacuum grip and items which include sacks with porous materials or plastic weave can be easily lifted. Food items such as frozen meat products are suitable for vacuum lifting and we provide the complete range in stainless steel, including cavity free fittings for the food industry in NZ.

Vacuum Lifters

Vacuum lifters are used to lift different product types including drums, sacks, flat panels of glass, wood, plastic and more. We have more than 100 lifting heads available. The VacuCobra lifting head is designed to provide the highest possible precision with a bottom swivel and angle adaptor to ensure full freedom of motion when gripping the load.

Lyftman Gantries

The Lyftman Gantries are a selection of gantries for fitting vacuum lifters and electric cranes. They provide coverage over a square to rectangular area that cannot be achieved with monorail systems. Call us for more information regarding the Lyftman Gantry range.


Protema lifting equipment
Protema lifts offer a range of lifting heights, capabilities and capacities. Used in locations where deployment of vacuum lifting is prevented by building or production plant structures. They can be used to hold and rotate drums, buckets, and can also be fitted with lifting trays. These are suited to managing sacks of dry good products such as chemicals, cement, flour etc.

As you can see, we have the know-how, the products and the experience to help you with all lifting concerns. Give us a call today for our vacuum lifting services.
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