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NZ owned and operated, Vacuum Lift is a division of Compressed Air Maintenance. Vacuum Lift offers a range of quality lifting equipment with wide ranging applications across many industries.
Our vacuum lifting systems take the weight out of lifting and manoeuvring all sorts of items and products. The prime benefits are reducing the amount of effort from repetitive lifting tasks, increasing the ease of positioning heavy objects and the speed at which lifting and moving tasks can be completed.

A further benefit is that health and safety in the work place is also improved. We are the NZ agents for Tawi, who developed the original vacuum assisted lifting systems. Over the years an enormous range of vacuum lifting fittings have been developed to suit any lifting situation across a wide range of industries. It is this versatility that means there is a vacuum lifting solution for your workplace.
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About us

We are passionate about our customer gaining the maximum benefit from our lifting equipment and have developed a number of supporting structures that increase coverage and utilisation of our systems.

We have developed many different methods of employing vacuum lifting, enabling vacuum lifting systems to be used in the most demanding environments.

With operating locations in Auckland and Christchurch we are able to install service and support vacuum lifting systems throughout NZ. Vacuum lifting is one of a range of vacuum products and systems we offer.

What we offer

Vacuum lifting is used in a wide range of workplace environments for loading and unloading of goods, sacks, drums, rolls, manoeuvring products and chemicals, pouring ingredients and within production lines. Each work place has different characteristics in which the vacuum lifting system needs to work. We offer a free visit to help you assess the application of vacuum lifting equipment in your business. During the visit will we discuss with you the various options and considerations in the use of vacuum lifting systems. Our services include design, installation and support of the systems we offer. Call us today to discuss how vacuum lifting can make lite of the heavy lifting.
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